Special Event Fun Columbus Ohio


Sponsorship: A Key to Powerful Marketing

  • Funding a large event or reaching your target consumer can be a challenging endeavor, and the partnership between the event and sponsor must include highly sought after exposure and equally needed compensation to be beneficial to both parties. An event organizers’ focus should be on creating value for event sponsors with an understanding that they underwrite a significant portion of the event costs.

    Airshow banners rentals Special Event Fun has provided partnership opportunities for Title sponsors who understood the value of connecting their products and services with families in our children’s area. We have worked with companies such as Disney, Jeep, Time Warner, Boeing, Children's Hospitals, Toyota and Meijer to name a few. By sponsoring our children’s area, businesses have increased brand recognition, been associated with a charitable cause, extended sampling opportunities as well as working with a community event that will offer great media exposure.

    "Adventures in Aviation" is an example of an education program at air shows that introduced children to aviation concepts. Special Event Fun can work with your event and sponsors to develop a program unique to your marketing goals.

    Our dynamic children's areas attract families. Typically, families spend more time in our Kids Zones than anywhere else on the event grounds. Our sponsorship packages create value for event sponsors, and patrons will reward those business through brand loyalty and good will.